Relationship in this generation is all about financial gains – Rema

Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, a Nigerian singer, believes that many relationships in this generation are centered on making money.

This claim was made by the young, gifted singer in a recent interview with the podcast i-D Meets.

The singer continued by saying that he couldn’t define love because everyone must experience it for themselves.

In his words:

“My favourite lyric in my album [is] ‘Love is not a source of income’. It came from my actual experience. A lot of relationships in our new generation is just really all about the gains.

“It’s painful that I can’t really define love. You’ve to live your own version. I have not lived my version. I’m waiting for it though.”

Old video of Rema and Hakimi trends after Rema’s claim of giving first N1M to mom

A few days after Rema revealed that he gave his mother his first N1M, an old video of the singer and footballer appeared online.

Rema has been referred to as a “mummy’s boy” after recently disclosing that at the age of 17, he gave his mother the first N1 million he earned from his music career.

Recently, news spread that Achraf Hakimi had used his mother’s name on all of the properties he had acquired, including all of the money he had in his account, meaning that when his wife divorced him, she would receive nothing in the way of money or property.

Many people have made assumptions about why Rema gave all of his money to his mother after the video of the two men went viral online. Some believe he should seek guidance from Hakimi.

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