Mother Gives Birth To Another Child Before Her First Baby Could Clock 10 Months Old, Video Stirs Reaction

A woman who got pregnant shortly after giving birth has gone viral on TikTok In the video, the protruding belly of the lady who was holding her nine months old child was visible The lady revealed that she was pregnant again in the viral video holding showing his belly and child

A lady who finds it surprising that she got pregnant early, shortly after giving birth to her son, shared her story on social media. In the video, the woman held her son and showed off her protruding belly, which indicated that she was expecting another child soon.

Many social media users who saw the video found it hard to believe as they calculated the son’s age against the time the lady took in. Others who had experienced similar scenarios also corroborated the lady’s claim and shared their story.

The video making rounds has gathered 10,000 likes with more than 600 comments on TikTok.

Watch the video below

some of the reaction has been compiled

@dalovely reacted:

“So u got pregnant wen he was 5 or 4 dollars old?”

@user471171739844 said:

“This looks so fun. I luv babies. Congratulations.

” @samnoel16 wrote:

“I can’t ,16,13 and 4 ,think I’m done.”

@vamapfumo added:

“Holding on to dear life!

” @MAmeAstou commented:

“I hope ur married because wen u don’t give ur self time to heal and every thing get loose he will leave.”

Eplcmummy3o: “You are loved.

” @Coco5372:

“I want such a strong queen.”

@Natha3637 “I went bk and watched the video after reading the comments. I thought 3dys old was a teddy bear.”

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