“That Girl is a Vibe”: Young Man and Lady Cause Stir at Event with Their Crazy Dance Moves, Video Goes Viral

A trending video of a young lady and a man slugging it out in a sizzling dance at an occasion has sparked reactions The lady in a pink dress complemented the young man’s energetic showcase as they entertained guests Many people who watched the clip joked about shelving their wedding plans over not being able to meet up with dance preparations

A young man and a lady have become viral sensations owing to their entertaining and crazy dance showcase at an event. With an aura of confidence and joy, the young man who sported a red suit jacket on black pants led the way as he danced with a lady in a pink dress.

He behaved crazily as he went on his knees and bent his waist while facing and backing the lady at different parts of the clip.

Many found their dance steps hilarious

Watch the video below:

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