“She Checked Her Mark”: Italian Lady Finally Finds Biological Mum in Nigeria After Over 30 Years in a video

A short video shared by @jola09217171 showing the moment an Italian lady flew all the way from Italy to Nigeria in search of her mother has stirred massive reactions online. As soon as the lady got to where her mother was and they exchanged a few words, the environment became tense with emotions.

Nigerian mother and Italian daughter reunited The woman quickly ran to the lady to check for a mark on her back as a confirmation that she was her child in a video.

Immediately she saw it, she was surprised. The woman said the last time she saw the child was in the 1980s before her mother took her to Italy. The woman said her mother later informed her that the child had been collected by the government. She narrated how her effort to see her child was frustrated by the Italian Embassy. The Italian lady was so scared at first to touch her mother, probably because of the woman’s behaviour or the shock she got at seeing her after many years.

Watch the video below:

Jeff@F said:

“This video makes hope and still believing that one day i will also meet my father 27 years now…

” user3848780488853 said:

“I tap into this testimony I will find my daughter.”

RichardDiva said:

“No need! Resemblance is pure between them….

” Hildah said:

“Every mother knows each mark on her child’s body.

” 1harlemlilly said:

“She’s there to see her mom but seems like she didn’t want her comfort at first.”

charlescadogansr said:

“The Mother knew she was from a birthmark. which she NEVER forgotten. That’s AWSOME.

” cherell Murray said:

“I knew exactly what she was going when she was pulling on her blouse.” Akhidenor Liberty said:

“That is why it good to have a mark you can use to identify your children incase of the future.”

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