“Poor Baby”: Kid Runs Away From His Shadow, Video Shows Him Crying in Dad’s Presence

A baby who did not understand how a shadow works tried to run away from his while he was outside The kid’s father asked the baby what the problem was as he tried hard to push off the shadow Many parents said the kid was fearful of the black image, as some revealed their babies played with shadows.

A funny video of a baby scared of his shadow has stirred hilarious reactions on social media. The kid thought someone was following him. At the beginning of the clip shared by @funnybabyvideo.official, the baby stomped on the floor to chase the shadow away. He ran a bit, thinking it would leave.

The baby cried more when he realised that the shadow was not going away and was still with him. His dad, who was behind the camera filming him, found his act funny.

Many people said his dad should have comforted him. Some parents shared their experiences with their kids’ reactions to shadows.

Click to Watch the video below


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