“Streaming farms?” Netizens react as Olamide’s new song with CKay hits 2.1m views on YouTube

Ace Nigerian rapper Olamide trends online as his new song with young singer Ckay breaks records on YouTube Olamide’s new song ‘Trumpet’ has got people talking as it hit 2.1 million views within just four days after it dropped Netizens have reacted to the numbers the new song has been able to pull within four days as fake, alleging that the singer used streaming farms to boost the views of his song

The new song ‘Trumpet by famous Nigerian artist, rapper and record label boss Olamide, featuring singer Ckay, has sparked reactions online. There are discussions online about how fast the new single by Olamide hits 2.1 million views on YouTube, considering that the song isn’t a hit track and hasn’t been really doing well on other streaming platforms.

While on Instagram, the video for Olamide’s new video has hit over 53m views. Some people have accused the Veteran rapper of using streaming fams to boost the views and traction of his new song.

Many Olamide fans have jumped to defend the YBNL boss saying whatever views and streaming numbers his gotten are purely organic.

At the same time, some have compelled his number with that of Wizkid and Davido, noting that he seems to have lost his touch and can no longer keep up, which is why he has resolved to use streaming farms.

See how the discussions about Olamide’s new song hitting 2.1m views started:

See how netizens reacted to the discussion about Olamide’s new song


“So he supposes dey gain 1m views each day cos he had 1m first day, ur mumu top much.”


“At least him go soon surpass wizmid money and love video wizmid the president of stream farmers.”


“The Farmers Will Make More Money.”


“E shoke una abii? And e clear for una eyes abii, fake view.”


“We didn’t take tinubu seriously when he said “the farmers would make more money”


“I don’t understand about the farmers thing?? Pls can someone explain it to me.”


“How many views wizkid money and love video Dey again that boy is finished.


“Now That wizkid already fade off Fc keep shouting the farmer.” @courageberry_:

“Farmers are making more money.”


“Farmers or not, it has out streamed that abomination Timeless already.”

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