I’m so disappointed, what will Jay-Z say?” – Actor, Charles Okocha laments bitterly as he spots his daughter drinking garri

Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha’s hilarious reaction to seeing his daughter drinking garri has left netizens in stitches.

The doting father, who never passes up an opportunity to flaunt his daughter, recently shared a video of her drinking garri, a popular West African meal made from cassava flakes.

In the video, Okocha, who was behind the camera, expressed disappointment after seeing his daughter drinking garri.

Lamenting bitterly, he noted that his daughter’s choice of food reflects poorly on him as a brand, as he believes she should be eating expensive food instead.

He queried how international acts like Jay-Z would perceive him if the video of his daughter drinking garri goes viral.

Throughout the video, Okocha’s daughter just sat on the couch, enjoying her bowl of garri and peanuts, ignoring her father’s comedic antics.

Watch video below

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