Hajia Bintu: Video Captures TikToker’s Slim Body And Small Hips, Fans React: “No Natural Curvy Look Again”

An incredible video showcasing Ghanaian influencer and TikTok star Hajia Bintu’s once little behind has erupted a stir on social media. The well-known social media celebrity is renowned for her attractive looks and enviable body.

Hajia Bintu revealed that she hasn’t had her hips or behind improved on the yet-to-air episode of The Delay Show, hosted by media personality Delay.

When questioned why she had more delicate curves and appeared slimmer as a girl compared to her mature years, Hajia Bintu emphasised that acquiring hips was a normal part of the growing process. ”No, I haven’t boosted my body … a developing person’s body naturally gains weight,” she told Delay. Netizens who took to the comments area on Instagram posted varied views. Several people praised the host’s interviewing skills, while others commented on Hajia Bintu’s slim figure.

Click to watch the video below:


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