“I am fine, guys,” Kunle Remi says in tears as he talks about getting Snubbed by AMVCA, video trends.

It is a popular fact that Nollywood actor Kunle Remi is one of the best male actors in the Nigerian movie industry at the moment, and 2022/2023 was a huge year for him However, his recent snub by the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) for its 2023 ceremony has come as a massive shock, and Kunle’s reaction to the snub has got people talking Kunle reacted to the snub with a clip on his page as he tears up while thanking everyone that reached out to him in solidarity but asked them to stop with the pity talks

Nollywood actor Kunle Remi’s online trends after a video of him tearing up on Instagram went viral as he reacted to his recent nomination snub by the AMVCA. Kunle Remi, in the trending clip, thanked everyone who reached out to him after the AMVCA nominations were announced, and he didn’t get any nominations at all.

This is coming despite two of the movies in which he was the lead, including Anikulapo and Ijakumo getting over 12 nominations. And his co-star Bimbo Ademoye was nominated for the best actress in West Africa. However, in the clip, Kunle called on people to stop pity emotions that were being directed at him and should instead send him money.

Watch the emotional yet hilarious clip below:

See how netizens reacted to the hilarious video of Kunle Remi reacting to his AMVCA snub


“It’s not about pity, its about recognising effort, talent and hardwork. You are a trailblazer @kunleremiofficial in short, let me go and watch Anikulapo for the “whatever….th” time.


“Lmaoo you did not just do a voiceover for the dying fly.”


“MY Gee…it’s comingggggg!!”


“Kunleeee you’re a flyyyy.”


“Hang in there Ray Imodi… hang in there!

” @vivianofficials:

“This isn’t about pity. It’s something we know you deserve. It’s fact!!! Awards should be based on merit hardwork & talents & not the other way round!.

” @idrissultan:

“I didn’t wanna say it but I remember seeing you cry in the morning.

” @etimeffiong: “Gosh I hate this guy!!!!!

” @iamenado: “Kunle Remi, I’m officially done with you.

” @kayodekasum: “No insects were hurt in the making of this video.

” @kr__update_s: “No matter the matter, them go still hear am!!! Kunle your SHINE go SHINE.”

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