Tunde ednut react “una don dey do dimple too”, as Video of Ladies Going for Dimple plasty Leaves Netizens Amused.

A video of some ladies surgically getting their cheeks dimpled has gone viral on social media The video captures the proceedure known as dimpleplasty which involves fat removal around the cheek and the use of a suture Many people who saw the video have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts about it

A recent video of ladies undergoing a cosmetic procedure called dimpleplasty has left netizens amused and intrigued. Dimpleplasty, a growing trend in cosmetic surgery, involves creating artificial dimples on the cheeks to achieve a cute and youthful appearance.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, was shared by @mufasatundeednut, shows women undergoing the procedure and capturing their reactions on camera. While some viewers find it amusing and lighthearted, others are raising questions about the increasing obsession with altering one’s natural features for aesthetic purposes.

Check out the video below:

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