“Use Money Buy Unlimited Insults”: Isbae U Moved to Tears As Sisi Quadri Insults Him in Yoruba, Wins N100k

Popular Nollywood actor Sisi Quadri had a swell time insulting skit maker Isbae U in Yoruba for over three minutes In the video sighted on Isbae U’s page, he assured the actor that he would get N100k if he performs the exercise for three minutes non-stop The skit maker got more than he bargained for and was moved to tears as Sisi Quadri tore at him with every form of abuse

Popular skit maker Isbae U got more than he bargained for after he gave Sisi Quadri a challenge in a new video. Isbae U told the movie star that he could win N100k if he successfully insults him for three minutes non-stop in Yoruba.

Sisi Quadri, known for his sharp mouth, swung into action almost immediately and started by insulting the skit maker with his looks and physical appearance,

Less than two minutes into the video, Isbae U looked like he would cry and pulled a young man into the video.

Sisi Quadri went into double barrel mode, insulting both men simultaneously until Isbae U begged him to stop. On hearing he would be paid via transfer and not cash, Sisi Quadri launched into another tirade of insults, insisting he would collect cash.

Isbae U wrote:

“Sisi Quadri Insulted Me for Over 3minutes “

Watch the video below:

Reactions to the video

thecakebuilder_circle: “Use money buy unlimited insults…ahh.

” miles_d_barber “I just see reason why Abeni agbon and Iya gbonke no dy let you rest for film be dis.

” folukedaramolasalako: “Jeeeeessssuuuu haaaaa kiilloosssele e gbami o. if na me I go really cry o swears.

monalisa.stephen: “He can go for 1 hour he’s a legend

” sunkanmi_omobolanle: “You use your money do yourself @isbae_u.

” mhidey_golden_001: “Omoo if this man should have a wife , she can never win any argument in that house.”

monalisa.stephen: “He can go for 1 hour he’s a legend

” lolade_okusanya: “Even throughout when you were doing the advert, I was still laughing Na Babayemi I pity pass Dem drag you come collect insült and you seff come”

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