Reaction as Beautiful Lady Spotted In A Romantic mood with an Ape, as they pose for photos together.

An orangutan, belonging to the family of apes, has been seen in a cosy moment with a beautiful lady In a video that has gone viral, the ape planted many kisses on the lady while posing with her for pictures Some gentlemen on social media have been wishing they were in the shoes of the orangutan after watching the video.

A beautiful young lady known as @brandynicoleofficial on TikTok shared a heartwarming video that was taken during a tour she went on. In the video that raised numerous eyebrows on social media, @brandynicoleofficial took lovey-dovey photos with an ape, specifically an orangutan.

When the video surfaced on Ghana Twitter, netizens could not keep their cool. Below are some of the comments they shared.

daddyncocogirl indicated:

Voluntarily getting this close to a mammal that has the strength of 15 adult men is indeed brave. I would rather take my chances driving off a bridge and plummeting into the water and seeing if I could get out, but hey, to each their own.

@frank_bannerman mentioned: His homies are never gonna believe him when he tells them

@Quantumleeping stated: One of these days, he’s not going to be in the mood to be teased. He’ll want the girl. You don’t want to be the one there to find out.

@AnneBillionzz said: It’s really weird she stayed through all that. How can you be comfortable with an animal touching you this way

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