Khosi Twala breaks new record as she features on Top 3 most talked about charts in Africa for the week (See the list)

Big Brother Titans show winner, Makhosazana Twala A.k.a Khosi has broken another records as she got featured on Top 3 most talked about charts in Africa for the week.

Some weeks ago, Khosi Twala emerges the winner of the Big Brother Titans show that comprises of two countries( Nigeria and South Africa)

In favour of Khosi, she carted away the $100,000 Grand prize.

That very week, she became the most talked about on all social media platforms.

Normally, Any housemates of the Big Brother Naija or Titans show that has the opportunity to win the show will always be the most talked about on social media and even his/her followers on all social media platforms will experience rapid growth for that week.

The social charts uses social media and Google analytics to determine the most talked about personalities for the week.

For this week, Only 3 personalities were on the list and it includes, BBTitans Winner, Khosi Twala, Israel adesanya, Bola Ahmed Tinubu amongst others.

According to the charts, Israel adesanya is the first on the list following his recent match with Brazilian Alex Pereira in which he emerged victorious in the UFC heavyweight 287.

Clinching the second on the list was the President-elect of the federal republic of Nigeria after he won the 2023 election in Nigeria while the 3rd on list was the recently announced BBTitans Winner, Makhosazana Twala.

See the Top 3 charts below;


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