You’ll reap your labour”: Lady who gave birth to triplets backs & carries them at once (Video)

A young mother has sparked intense internet discussion over her amazing motherhood.

The young lady, identified as @incredibletriplet took to her social media handle to share a video of how she carries her triplets all at the same time.

In the video she backed two of her babies with a wrapper while she held the third one in front.

She commanded a great level of strength.

A part of the TikTok clip showed the process as she was assisted by a girl to back the two babies before carrying the last one.

Watch the video below:

Many TikTokers thronged her comment section to congratulate her on having such beautiful children.

Read comments below:

@Jennifer said: “I tap from ur blessings Amen… congratulations.”

@yakubudele said: “Congratulations ma you are so blessed.”

@Damilola said: “Congratulations ma’am I tap ur blessings.”

@userRemtim said: “I tap from this blessings.”

@Teemah said: “You will reap all your labour.”

@user4755781063459 said: “God will help you with your work.”

@Sojaluxury&Stores said: “God will ease all your affairs.” CONTINUE READING 

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