“She’s a foodie”: Mum shocked as baby holds feeding bottle tight while sleeping (Video)

A young mother took to her social media handle to lament over her baby daughter.

The woman identified as @queenpowerlove shared a video on her TikTok page, of her baby falling asleep while holding fast to her feeding bottle.

She said she finally gave birth to a baby foodie.

The video shown the baby suckling on her feeding bottle, she slept off while on it.

Even in her sleep the little baby held on to the bottle relentlessly, surprising her mother.

The little baby could be seen in the video, pouting her lips in her sleep, still imitating when the bottle was in her mouth.

Her mother captioned the post:

“Even while sleeping, she would not let go of her feeding bottle.”

However, not just the baby being a foodie, her beauty also wowed many, as she looked so cute holding the bottle tightly.

Watch the video below:

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