“My money was becoming too much”: Video as Olamide explains signing new artistes

Olamide, a well-liked Nigerian rapper, made a stir on social media after he gave his justification for adding fresh artists to his label.

It is no secret that Olamide has played a significant role in advancing the careers of several brilliant and upcoming musicians in the music industry.

The YBNL boss recently detailed in an interview why he chose to sign fresh artistes to his record label.

According to Olamide, there was a time he was making so much money and it kept stacking up.

He did not know what to do with the funds and decided to invest in new musicians.

The YBNL boss added that it was his way of giving back.

He said: “I just started stacking up money and the money was becoming too much for me and I’m like

 ‘I don’t have anything to do with all this money, I need to sign new guys, let me spend money on people’ It’s just like my little way of giving back.” 

See the video below:

The video of Olamide opening up on signing new musicians made the rounds and raised a series of reactions from netizens.

Read some netizens reactions below:

@enjoyaccra said: “And now you’re making even more money!” 

@wari_p_thegreat said: “Then money started coming in again .” 

@paulsonekpe said: “Come sign me too abeg baddo ♥️.” 

@thebaddest_gooddest_coolestboy said: “ that’s how the money goes more bigger.” 

@scrafoc1 said: “Big money moves .” 

@olupjamez said: “Olamide for a reason .” 

@tabidollar10 said: “Boddo na baba.” 

@danielaggrey_ said: “Kingmaker  @olamide.”

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