Faith Nketsi Lauded After Her Pictures and Videos As Rural Makoti Went Viral: “She’s a Wholesome Wife”

Faith Nketsi proved that she doesn’t take her wifey duties lightly when she ditched her fancy hair and makeup to become a rural makoti The pictures and videos making the rounds on social media show the Have Faith star cooking on an open fire Social media users applauded the media influencer for not considering her social status when it came to executing her makoti duties.

Faith Nketsi is a true example of a wife who can slay one day and dress down the next. The stunner, who made headlines a few weeks ago after reports that she divorced her husband Nzuzo Njilo, proved that she is still happily married.

Peeps have been glued to the Have Faith star’s social media pages waiting for a divorce announcement, but it seems the announcement is not coming.

Faith Nketsi serves makoti vibes in stunning pictures Pictures shared on Twitter by a tweep with the handle @Jabu_Macdonald show the club host cooking over an open fire. The stunner ditched her usual skimpy clothes for a maxi dress and a doek – like a true African makoti.

Faith Nketsi applauded for serving African makoti vibes Twitter users loved that Faith Nketsi knows that she is a Zulu makoti and acts accordingly when required. Many felt that the trending pictures show that she loves and respects her husband, Nzuzo Njilo.

@ntleh_smarty said:

“She is a wholesome wife. Love this for her sana. One thing about her, she’ll embrace ubaba.

@Jabu_Macdonald noted: “Nah it’s unexpected of her and I won’t lie I see her as one of those typical modern women who don’t like doing such things on that picture. Don’t attack me.”

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