“You Don Fly by Plane Before”: Video As Portable and Comedian Akpororo Meet at the Airport to Cause a Stir.

Nigerian controversial act Portable brought some laughter to the timeline with a recent video of him with comedian Akpororo The Zazuu crooner met his entertainment colleague at the airport as they both engaged in each other’s energy Portable’s hyper state almost seemed to faze Akpororo out until he was lucky enough to get on board before the singer.

Nigerian controversial artist Portable met with one of the country’s talented standup comedians, Akpororo, at the airport, where they engaged one another. The singer was seen in a hyper state while the comic man tried to match his energy as they waited for their turns to board the plane.

Portable continued to call on Akpororo’s attention until he got into the plane before him.

Watch the video below.

Netizens react to Portable’s video bragging

about airport

st3trose_r22: “@portablebaeby Keep Doing greatness Bro, off that previous stress just try calm urself nobody is an Island we all dey learn one way or the other. Use Afternoon Sleep meet up Night make u con Sing Ur Own #SoSo Soon. Light, Hope, Honor.. Long Live The King.” Read more: 

akklouer: “when two wereys meet.”

prettygifttyy: “But who noticed that portable has cooled down.”

fujiano001: You for fly by car now


“Baboon ti take off.”


“Akoi flying by plane ✈️

” iam_oje_official Hahahhaa pepper ️ them @portablebaeby u want to snap with super star ⭐️ .”


Oohhh portable abeg nor use laugh kill person oooooooh.

” __emmanizim:

“you don buy ticket before” ‍♀️‍♀️”

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