“Bush girl, you dey disgrace me” – Lizzy Gold mocks Destiny Etiko in London [Video]

After attempting to hail a “taxi” in London, Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko sparked a frenzy online.

The contentious actress is currently in London for Nosa Rex’s Mr. Cumm concert with her colleagues.

In a hilarious video that was posted online, Destiny attempted to hail a taxi by whistling as is customary in Nigeria.

After all attempts to stop her failed, Lizzy Gold, who was filming Destiny, was shocked by her behavior and repeatedly referred to her as a “bush girl.”

In order to find a taxi, Destiny went up to a white man, but he blatantly ignored her.

The actor continued to act primitive and unsophisticated until she bumped into her fans who posed for a photo with her


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