“We are family we can fight again” Reaction as SAHEED OSUPA send condolences to Pasuma Alabi for the demise of Alhaja Adijat Kubura , may her soul rest in peace(Video)

On April 7, 2023, Nigerian Fuji music icon, Saheed Osupa, took to Instagram to express his condolences to his fellow Fuji artist, Pasuma Alabi, for the loss of his mother, Alhaja Adijat Kubura. In his heartfelt message, Saheed Osupa extended his sympathies to Pasuma Alabi and prayed for the departed soul of Alhaja Adijat Kubura to rest in peace.

Saheed Osupa’s Instagram post read: “O Allah, forgive our mother and elevate her station among those who are guided. My heartfelt condolences to my brother Pasuma Alabi on the passing of his beloved mother, Alhaja Adijat Kubura. May her soul rest in peace.”

This message from Saheed Osupa to Pasuma Alabi reflects the camaraderie and brotherhood that exists among Nigerian Fuji artists, who are known for their close-knit community and mutual respect for each other. Saheed Osupa’s words convey empathy and compassion towards Pasuma Alabi during this difficult time of losing his mother, and his prayer for Alhaja Adijat Kubura’s soul to rest in peace is a heartfelt gesture.

The passing of Alhaja Adijat Kubura is undoubtedly a great loss to Pasuma Alabi and his family, and Saheed Osupa’s condolences on social media show his support and solidarity during this trying period. As both Saheed Osupa and Pasuma Alabi are prominent figures in the Nigerian music industry, their relationship and mutual respect are evident through Saheed Osupa’s thoughtful message.

Saheed Osupa, also known as “King of Fuji Music,” is a highly respected and influential Fuji artist who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian music scene. His expression of condolences to Pasuma Alabi for the loss of his mother reflects his compassionate nature and his sense of community within the music industry.

In conclusion, Saheed Osupa’s Instagram post sending condolences to Pasuma Alabi for the demise of Alhaja Adijat Kubura is a touching gesture that showcases the bond and solidarity among Nigerian Fuji artists. It conveys sympathy, compassion, and prayers for the departed soul, reflecting Saheed Osupa’s deep-rooted values of empathy and support for his fellow artists during times of loss and sorrow.

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