Did Asake Throw A Subtle Banter To Seyi Vibez With Song ‘2:30 (Tranquility)’?

Asake and Seyi Vibez have been compared with each other, many believe both artiste are using the same sound, has Asake debunk this by throwing a subtle banter to Seyi Vibez with new song Tranquility?

The song 2.30 starts with Asake  telling all the ”soothsayers” not to compare him with anyone as it will be very hard to see anyone that is as talented and gifted as him? To explain better, let’s take few lines from the song.

Abinibi yato sability
eso fun won toba teri si
Won ma pa lori
Tenu ko emi promising
awon tefo fun fo fun mi
Tori ko se lomi
Many many fe dabi mi
Eri bi”

The lines above is where Asake is marking his territory as the leader of his generation while still maintaining that he was born with his unique sound and it is definitely not an ability, hence ”Abinibi yato si ability:”

Furthermore, Asake went a step further to prove his originality in the second stanza of the song. Take a look below:

What’s the chances
What’s the probability
To see a better version of me with agility
No you can’t fake reality

Some music analyst believe Asake and Seyi Vibez are of the same version, here is the YBNL signee debunking the rumor.

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