Kante’ Or ‘Essence’ – Which Song Is Better?

In this post, we will be discussing the better song between ‘Kante’ by Davido featuring Fave and ‘Essence’ by Wizkid featuring Tems.

Davido’s latest album ‘Timeless’ is currently smashing records and fast becoming one of the best African albums. In only 6 six days, the album set some records including on US Apple Music and US iTunes as the highest charting African album ever.

One of the album’s best tracks is obviously ‘Kante’, which featured Fave. The song is a potential global hit record, judging by the reception it has received so far.

‘Essence’ is without doubts the bigger song between the two currently. It has many records that might not be easy to break. However, calm down, this post is not about which song is bigger; it’s about which is better!

Both ‘Kante’ and ‘Essence’ are masterpiece in their respective ways, as they convey different messages and stories.

However, I will argue that ‘Kante’ is more lyrically creative. Unlike ‘Essence’, which is mostly about Tems, leaving Wizkid with a very few lines to sing, both Fave and Davido shine on ‘Kante’. The depth of ‘Essence’ lyrics is only felt in Tems’ part, not Wizkid, who’s supposedly the song’s owner.

Secondly, the replay value of ‘Kante’ is tremendous. Look, I have played ‘Kante’, which released last week, more than I have played ‘Essence’ in the last 3 years. The chorus keeps making me go back to the song.

But, this is just my personal preference. It might be different from yours and that’s fine. Music is subjective, as they say.

So, let me hear from you: ‘Kante’ or ‘Essence’?


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