Pharrell Williams Marks 50th Birthday, Social Media Marvels at His Youthful Looks: “Drop Anti-Ageing Formula

Pharrell Williams is celebrating his 50th birthday, and the internet is buzzing about his big milestone Heartwarming birthday messages are pouring in for the US musician and designer on social media A lot of Twitter users wrote about how great he looks for a 50-year-old and begged for his skincare routine.

The rapper shared his skincare routine for GQ two years ago, and the video got 2.3 million views. This proved how millions of gents want to age gracefully like Pharrell.

Netizens wish Pharrell a happy birthday on Twitter @Fizzy_renzel said: “Youngest 50-year-old in the world.” @SupremeFather0 suggested: “Use his recent picture and stop acting like that man ain’t ageing.”

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