BBTitans S1: Tsatsii Suffers Violent Attack for Betraying Kanaga Jnr; Abandoned by Her Partner

Tsatsii played her game in the house. “Do not hate the player, hate the game” is often said to remind fans that their hate should not be directed at these ex-housemates trying to navigate a new stage of their life.

Tsatsii has been referred to as manipulative, cunning and so much more that is synonymous with a chameleon. While people are sure of Kanaga Jnr’s feelings for her, fans concluded she was using him for the game. Her actions and words were enough to back up this general feeling.

One particular action that caused outrage was the Royals putting Kainava up for eviction. While we can all say it’s just a game and ignore that action, she has tried to clarify whatever misunderstanding has ensued from that.

Bbtitans S1: Tsatsii Suffers Violent Attack For Betraying Kanaga Jnr; Abandoned By Her Partner

She has spoken up about never nominating her friend for eviction and how that was done by her partner. She said this during a Twiter space.Her statement was not backed by Ebubu. This was the moment she needed his support to divert the hate she is receiving, but he left her hanging.

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