BBTitans Aftermath: Gossip that Yvonne Slept with Juicy Jay Leaks

Since the BBtitans couple Yvonne and Juicy Jay, put on a romantic spectacle on Sunday, after Khosi was announced the winner of the reality TV show, fans have started speculating that the duo spent the night together in a hotel room.

While it is still unconfirmed that the couple had intercourse or spent the night together, some tweeps took to their Twitter handles to indicate that the absence of Juicy Jay and Yvonne from social media till now shows that they have been spending intimate time together.

@Kingshortyma started the rumours about the duo spending the night together and staying away from the internet, insinuating to her followers that she doesn’t want to mention what they have been doing but people should use their imaginations and fill the blank space.

Responding, @Cherish_Chinny, a tweep that slid under the comment section, hinted that it is time for Juicy Jay to impregnate Yvonne, produce grandkids for their parents and life goes on.

Others other had something to say about a steamy encounter between the two, stressing that Juicy has to rip the dividends of the romantic stunt he pulled after the finale.

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