The identity of BBTitans winner, Khosi’s social media handler, has left many fans of the show in awe.

Khosi’s handler was revealed to be a Nigerian woman from Delta state named Queen.

A fan reacted: “Our handler is a woman?!😮🥰 you be the real odogwu! A woman king indeed! You carried the show elegantly with poise and cruise!”

BBTitans show winner Khosi’s social media handler has caused an online buzz after she finally unveiled herself.

Two days after the season finale on Sunday, April 2, 2023, Khosi’s handler revealed herself. She surprised many after they discovered that she was a woman.

In a new development, Khosi’s handler, Queen, revealed that she was a Nigerian from Delta state. According to her, many were surprised to see an unknown lady in the streets of the Big Brother show wanting to take over Khosi’s page. She explained that she was heavily bullied for it, but she remained focused.

In her words: “Hello khosireigns , yes this is the Odogwu handler you all have been waiting to see . For Some of you in the WhatsApp group know as Just Queen. Am a Naija babe from Delta state wey get plenty sense. “So while some of you who were scared how can a woman who we have never heard of in the streets of Bbnaija lead the team n khosi to success, I was bull* ed insulted and even dragged on twitter, but I stood my ground , because I know my capabilities and my motto is “Less Talk More Action”.

Queen also revealed that she took over the handling of Khosi’s page after her former South African handler, Thabiso, could no longer handle the page.

The woman then went ahead to explain that apart from handling the reality star’s page, she is a show host, a blogger, and a businesswoman who runs her own PR and management company and is also a mother of two. She wrote: “People keep saying how is khosi handler this good , well before bbt am a Host , blogger , business woman , I run my own PR/ Management company and also founder of Pwf foundation above all am a mother n I have a beautiful daughter n handsome son ,so if you come for my daughter I will come after you like a lioness And it was the same thing that I applied with Khosi I made sure I defend n protect her like I would defend my daughter.”

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