Smart Kid in School Uniform Makes Braids in Video, Her Sense of Focus Stuns Many People Online click to watch vido

¹A little girl in her school uniform and shoes maintained a great focus as she locked a lady’s hair into a braid The girl worked in a team that had her mother, who was also working fast on the lady’s hair, to complete the braids on time Many TikTokers said the confidence the kid exuded while braiding shows she must have been doing such for long.

A lady, @nana_.adwoah, has shared a video of a kid in a school uniform braiding an adult’s hair. Her level of focus amazed people. A grown-up held onto another part of the lady’s hair and worked on them. While braiding the hair, the kid wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Many people who watched the video and saw her neat work said she was such a talent and her skill needed to be nurtured.

Click link below to watch video

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