Slay Queen, Eniola Kicked Out After Claiming A Lekki House And Holding Housewarming Party

Eniola Ennie, a popular  Tik toker and slay queen, has been thrown out by her boyfriend after claiming his Lekki home and throwing a housewarming part

According to online reports, Eniola’s boyfriend of three years had purchased the luxurious house in his mother’s name, which irritated Eniola, who requested that he change it to hers; however, Eniola was unaware that the documents he had given her were forged.

She then threw a housewarming party to celebrate the house she had believed was hers.

When she and her boyfriend had a falling out and went their separate ways, it was learned that, to the surprise of other estate residents, she returned to the house, claiming it belonged to her.

Her ex-boyfriend’s friends who were provoked by this stormed the place and kicked her and her mother out of the house.

Watch the video below:

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