Reactions as Whiskey Of Over N5 Million was Spotted on Wike and Fayose’s Table

Nyesom wike, the governor of Rivers State, and Ayo Fayose, the former governor of Ekiti State, have drawn conflicting responses online due to the price of whiskey shown on their table.

According to Rotimi Amaechi, the immediate-past minister of transportation, Wike allegedly spends N50 million each week on alcohol using public funds.

The outgoing governor of Rivers characterized his successor as a drunk who shouldn’t be permitted to frivolously spend state money.

Amaechi claimed that the amount of money Wike spends on alcohol over the course of two weeks is virtually equal to what he spent as governor to construct one primary school.

Wike and Fayose were seen drinking a drink worth about five million Naira in the photo that went viral.

While some castigated them for the frivolous drink, others claimed they could afford it given their financial situation.

@AfamDeluxo wrote: “Personally, I don’t believe Wike spent £10,000 on Dalmore Scotch Whiskey. The kind of gifts politicians receive from the ppl is startling. Don’t be surprised that was a gift. Some of you know what I am talking about. This doesn’t take away the fact that wike remains a jerk!”

@CossyCosydiva wrote: “Omo , Port Harcourt people una dey see? So does it mean Ameachi was right when he said Wike spends 50million a month for alcohol? This one is about 9m naira. Choi!”

@Spotlight_Abby wrote: “This is Rotimi Amaechi’s recent claim that Wike spends up to N50 million fortnightly on drinks.”

@jacksonpbn wrote: “This is how Gov Wike is starting his Friday #TGIF, blowing £9,949.90, an equivalent of over N5million on a bottle of Whiskey. Dangote, Africa’s richest won’t be spending this ridiculous amount for a bottle of alcohol. Only a looted money would be spent like this. Tueh!”

@Sports_Doctor2 wrote: “When Peter obi said he does not allow people to visit him in the government house because they’ll come and expect him to serve them the most expensive champagne. We all laughed and called him a stingy man for being judicious with public funds. Now see what Wike is consuming”

@JosephOnuorah wrote: “Executive Rascality – Wealth without enterprise!!! What work has Wike ever done before government – it means he got stupendously Rich by dipping his fingers in the public till.”

@don-ibarhim wrote: “5 Million On One Bottle of Alcohol,How much be minimum wage all this people just want to feed their pocket and better their families life….Osalobua God who do us like this”

@busolamidaniel_ wrote: “So it’s a 7million drink you people are shouting on top? These men can obviously afford it and more so I don’t know why it’s such a big deal. If it was a celebrity I doubt you people will be complaining so muc

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