“It’s Hard”: Surrogate Mum in Tears as Baby’s Family Arrives to Take Their Newborn, Video Stirs Emotions:

A young lady has shared her heartbreaking story after accepting to be a surrogate mum According to the lady on TikTok, she got so emotional when it was time to release the baby to his family Social media users have shared their thoughts regarding the situation, with many faulting her for seeing the child.

The service of a surrogate mother is usually employed by a family or couple finding it difficult to get a baby. The surrogate mother is usually required to have a baby for another woman who cannot have one for different reasons.

Immediately after the baby is born, the surrogate mother is expected to give the child to the family, without hesitation, as such is the agreement between both parties. In a trending video, a surrogate mother had difficulty releasing the child due to the emotional attachment and bond she had developed with the child.

A video showed her weeping as she held the baby in her arms while the family waited to receive him. Reacting to the video, some social media users faulted the surrogate mother for looking at the child as they claimed that it strengthened the bond. “You’re finally meeting your surrogate baby and the day has finally come to give him to his family”, the surrogate mum said in tears.

@cappuccino1980 said: “People have to understand it’s hard for people to have babies like me and it’s a blessing to have someone who’s willing to help I wish I had a baby.” @albussydumbledonk commented: “If I ever have a surrogate I’ll make sure mom knows she’s always welcomed and praised for bringing my kid to me nothing more selfless then carrying a baby.”

@shillybeanmcpickleford_ noted: “I don’t understand how the surrogate moms body don’t bond w the baby and it don’t feel like it’s theirs? that would be my issue.”

@ladydriver82 added: “I couldn’t do it, carry a child and then give the baby away, with out knowing how he/ she is doing. I’m not strong enough.” @peace_love_danieb added: “I really thought about being a surrogate. Pregnancy agrees with my body, I do not want anymore children of my own and I know there are families who do.” Watch the video below.


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