“How I feel about losing my son Ifeanyi, mom, others close to me” – Davido opens up

David Adeleke better known as Davido, has spoken out about the loss of the people close to him.

The singer, who recently released his album “Timeless,” revealed his perception about the demise of his loved ones in an interview with Beat FM.

According to Davido, he senses the spiritual presence of his loved ones who have passed away, ranging from his mother who died when he was ten years old, his best friend, his bodyguard, and even his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke. 

This, according to OBO, is the inspiration for his song “Legends Can Never Die,” which is dedicated to them.

Furthermore, Davido stated that his song, “Legends Can Never Die,” which happens to be one of the oldest songs on the album, is not only dedicated to his loved ones who are no more but also to anyone who has lost someone close to them.

He said:

”Like over time. Even everybody knows that I lost my mother at 10. Losing my best friend and my bodyguard in one to two years, and then losing a child and all that together.

”I don’t think the song is really being sad. I just feel like since I have lost all of them, I don’t want to really feel like they have left me spiritually. I still have them around me a kind of. They were all legends. So that’s why I say that a legend never dies

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