I just realized that Khosi was playing me, I don’t even know how things got to where they did” – Thabang Cries Out (Video)

Thabang, a Big Brother Titans player who was evicted, has declared that he will not associate with Khosi after the program because he has learned some truths about her. He claimed that he had previously believed that they had a particular bond, but after leaving the house, he noticed that Khosi was engaging in excessive activity and playing a game.

According to the sports analyst and content creator, he wants to put his attention on his work, himself, and the people who actually love him.

During a combined live interview with Blaqboi and Justin, who were also eliminated on Sunday night, Thabang opened out to Cute Kimani.

The South African gentleman also declared that he would not pursue a romantic relationship with Olivia or Nelisa, two other women who had expressed interest in him.

According to Thabang;

“I’ve realized there’s a lot happening with Khosi outside of the house. Right now, I just want to focus on being outside the house and seeing all the people who genuinely love me.

I and Khosi cared about each other in the house, to what extent, I don’t know and I believe there were conversations that we should have had in the house. Right now I’d just focus on myself.

Being out now, I see Khosi is doing the most but I wish Tsatsii would win. I know how much it would mean to her. And no, I won’t be pursuing any relationship with neither Olivia, Khosi, nor Nelissa though I owe Nelissa an apology.

I don’t think I was fair to Nelissa. The relationship with Olivia was 1way, I didn’t get to know her. With Khosi I don’t think there’s anything there, I don’t even know how things got to where they did. I didn’t like how things panned out.”

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